Frequently Asked Questions

First, it’s a real expensive hobby. Equipment, insurance, software… none of it is cheap. And if it is, it probably means bad photos or a terrible experience. Secondly, the shoot time with you is such a small piece of the pie. There is the back and forth setting up the shoot and getting contracts right. Then there are the many hours of editing that are factored into my prices. I only take a certain amount of weddings a year, and my prices allow me to not say yes to everything, and give a great big I’m all yours YES to you. When you book with me, I work hard for you and am available to you.

Call up a past client of mine. They will probably say in more or less terms…I’m a damn party. Maybe that is part of why I got into this business, I like to see and capture the spirit of a great party. I ENJOY this work and I know it comes through in your experience and in my work. I will smile with you when you get the wedding day butterflies, give you high fives when you are able to do the worm in your wedding dress and make you feel the fun that should be part of your party. I’m confident in my ability to meet you where you are at, not feel like a dope when its time to take pictures and ultimately just be at ease. Having a photographer that makes things run smooth and feel fun and natural make you forget photos are even happening. And honestly that is the secret to a great photo, you at your best and the truest you coming out.

You got it. My bare bones package is $2,500. That includes 6 hrs of shoot time and atleast 400 edited images delivered to you in a digital gallery. It is also my most popular package. But I am always down to create whatever fits your needs. Sometimes that means just 3 hrs. Sometimes that means 12 hours. Sometimes you need all the bells and whistles and I am here for that too. Prints, keepsake boxes, multiple shooters and books are all available to you. Whatever your day looks like, we can make it happen, head over to my contact page and let’s chat.

Two things need to happen to lock in your date and my services. A signed contract and a deposit. We work together to figure out what you need from me, and I draft up the contract according to what we agree upon. Once those two things are in, I am yours!

If you have any other questions please ask!